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Advertising is a balance between science and art. Often it has to be conceptualized, written and rewritten, tested, modified, decorated with every technique to appeal to customers. It’s not enough to look good. Truly effective advertising design requires targeted, thought-filled direction.


There is so much noise competing with advertising today. Therefore, it is necessary to research and position your ads in order to maximize their effectiveness. Campaigns created around consistent messaging that are well positioned can be powerful showpieces to help not only sell your product or services, but also help to build a lasting and trusted brand with brand loyal customers. Our advertising design services see your ads as blank canvasses just waiting to become your showpiece.




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There are several advertising mediums that are worth engaging in to create awareness and strengthen your brand.

Paid per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is an advertising method which makes use of search engines, websites and network traffic. A user clicks on an ad which directs them to a page on your website. Each click is paid for by the advertiser. The PPC model is based on a bidding process on a keyword or string of unique keywords. For example, “Scottsdale Dentist” is an example of a keyword that currently fetches a price of $18 per click on Google. PPC can deliver instant gratification for Marketers. You simply buy a prime spot next to important content that people are routinely searching out.

Web Banners

Web banners on high traffic websites which link to a page on your website is a resourceful way to drive awareness of your offerings. Setting up a network of attractive web banners can pay off as traffic can be sourced from unique websites. Web banners allow you to target very unique niche markets. Somewhere in world there is a website that caters to the most specific of audiences. With web banners you can tailor your ad to incentivize click through.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media networks is an effective way to engage people where they currently spend their time. Since many of the social media giants are publicly traded companies, this means their main profit center is advertising. Social media networks offer a range of advertising solutions. There ads that simply boost the awareness of a social media post. There are ads that are designed specifically designed to drop traffic on your webpage. There are many variables to consider with social media advertising.  While one must also select the right time to advertise as well as the right amounts to spend

Direct Mail

A direct marketing method in which a company sends directly advertising material to targeted prospects with a compiled list. This method involves targeting prospects on hundreds of categories and sub-categories based on demographic information (chosen on the basis of age, income, location, profession, buying pattern, etc).

Print Advertising

Usually, print ads use some combination of photographs, illustrations, and copy which is printed on a chosen medium. Effective print ad campaigns use a well aligned integrated marketing communications mix.

In-Store Advertising

Advertising your product or service in an actual store where people can buy it, may create an immediate impact due to the impulse nature of shoppers. In-store or point-of-purchase (POP) methods can include a wide range of options given the layout of the store. In-store advertising examples include: signs, product displays, in-store coupons, purchase displays, window displays, counter displays, floor stands, display bins and banners of any kind.

Rich Media Advertising

While traditional print ads sell with words and pictures, Rich Media ads offer more ways to involve an audience with an ad. Some examples of rich media advertising include: video ads, digital banner ads, sonic branding, smart phone advertising and sponsored apps.

Flyer and Poster Campaigns

Posters and flyers can be displayed almost anywhere. However, places where you have a “captive audience” are the best places to run this kind of campaign. These places will generally charge a fee to display your poster in a designated area.

Broadcast Advertising

Advertising that goes beyond still or static images and uses motion and sound to convey ideas about a product are often more expensive to produce but can touch more of the customers senses. Broadcast advertising technique takes into consideration that the more senses that you can touch a human with, the more ability you have to persuade a prospect. You Tube Live, Facebook Live and TV ads are examples of broadcast advertising.


Billboards are one of the largest outdoor spaces to advertise on. Located near high traffic areas such as roads and sidewalks. The billboards with the highest exposure are the most expensive to rent advertising space on. Sides of buildings and walls can also act as a billboard.

Magazine Ads

Although generally expensive and on a decline when compared to digital, advertising in a niche magazine can help you reach your target market quickly and more easily. Readers (your potential customers) tend to read magazines at their leisure and tend to keep them for longer. This gives your printed ad a little bit more shelf life. Some magazines are geographically unique and can allow the advertiser to geographically target their ads. Most magazines are also of a high quality print. Usually printed on gloss which will present an ad more crisp and elegantly.


Advertising gives you exposure and can strengthen your brand which helps you attract new customers. In order to stand out from the sea of competition, your advertising needs to be on-point. This extends to positioning, messaging, design and visual aesthetic. Where and when you advertise is also of essence. At the Holy Grail of Marketing we are advertising professionals. We give our clients an inside advantage helping you arrive at awesome advertising to promote your brand.


The Holy Grail of Marketing specializes in advertising across all media channels, both new and traditional. We have proven ourselves over a decade across many industries building value for our clients’ businesses through thousands of advertising campaigns. We help you with aligning your branding and positioning on your advertisements so it attracts new customers. We believe in the power of advertising and can make it a showpiece that you will be proud of. Add advertising to your marketing arsenal today by contacting us.