Which is the best Chiropractic Web Design Company

Which is the best Chiropractic Web Design Company

Locating the best chiropractic web design company comes down to locating a vendor that can differentiate you from the massive amount of competition that exists by way of other chiropractors in your local market.

Custom Websites are King

The most standout chiropractor websites are almost always custom built. A custom website design is created around the chiropractic practice’s brand. It is not something that is canned or copied or replicated with your logo slapped on top of it. The web copy and the design should enhance the brand. It should speak to how you are positioned differently and better from all the other options in your market. The interface should enhance the user experience guiding patient prospects towards action.

Just as chiropractors must differentiate themselves on their patient experiences through positive outcomes (i.e. relieving back and neck pain), your website should be no different. It is often a first impression of your chiropractic brand. It is also a place where current patients may return to gather additional information on your practice’s unique services.

Your websites can also be a place where referral sources learn about you, before making the serious decision to partner with you. While also a website can be a place where you can shine as a thought leader which can strengthen your chiropractic brand on a national or even global level.

Because just having a website is not enough, you’ll need content, tools and automation to make sure your site is driving new patients through your doors while retaining the ones your currently have.

So the short to your answer is, there is no single chiropractic website design company that is the best. Rather, it is up to the chiropractor to find a solution that doesn’t undermine their chiropractic brand. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Therefore investing adequate time in the selection process is vital. So rather than tell you what the best is, this article will explore what to avoid so you can make an informed decision.

Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

1. Chiropractic Design Agency

If you decide to go to a industry specific chiropractic design agency to handle your design you will be joining the ranks of many other chiropractors who’ve gone down this road. At first glance, it might seem like the best option. However, if you spent just a little bit of time studying business, at some point you probably came across the word “strategic advantage”. If you haven’t heard of this word, let me enlighten you. A strategic advantage is an advantage afforded to a company or in your case a practice that is the source of current and future competitive success relative to its competitors.

Getting to the point where you are building advantages with your website, takes blood, sweat, time and money. Because a chiropractic design agency will have access to all of your reporting, analytics, customer data, knowledge of which pages drive the most traffic – this means the milestones you hit will be short-lived, copied and replicated among your competitors. You will lose any advantage you create.

2. Ignore the Awards

A lot of website design companies like to brag about the awards they have earned. Many award lists are nothing but self-congratulatory popularity contests created by a publication or an industry association to drum up advertising dollars and memberships. If a company is preoccupied with applying for awards, then that means they are spending even less time and resources working on their client’s websites. That’s why you should take awards with a grain of salt. It should not be a determinant in selecting someone who is going to help you nail a website which represents your brand. What should guide your decision is the experience, passion and knowledge of the website company and the time they are going to dedicate to getting your website a great online presence that makes you the best in your market.

3. Don’t rely on a website design company to educate you on all things website design

If you are only relying on a website company to educate you about all things website design, you might fall prey to the company’s selling tactics. Some companies hire great sales people to make up for shortfalls in their product and services. This is sometimes referred to as “all talk no action”. That’s why it is important to dig deep and look into what the website design company is actually offering you. If a company says that they can get you an awesome website for a monthly fee, you might want to exercise some caution. You might ask, if the website is your’s to keep? Or if you stop paying the monthly fee do they pull your website?

4. How Much Experience Does the Website Design Company Have?

The value of a website design company is measured in their past success and accomplishments (also known as their experience). An experienced website design company (or website design consultant) will have a track record of successfully designing and maneuvering websites on behalf of clients in order to reach goals.

Creativity is a big part of website design. It’s not all technical. The design company will be in charge of writing or re-writing large portions of your website. They’ll need to be able to balance the technical aspect of design with the creative side of marketing which relates to your brand. This is what differentiates the best chiropractic websites from one another – their ability to balance these very two different aspects.

When you are looking at a website design company for your chiropractic practice, make sure to review some samples of their work. You’ll be able to see first-hand how their sites’ style translates on to the small screen.


Levon Guiragossian is principal marketing consultant and founder of The Holy Grail of Marketing, a marketing company specializing in website design and chiropractic marketing. Levon has been designing websites since 2002. Levon practices what he preaches by creating websites that differentiate you from everyone else.

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